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Everything about Felinheli in one place. That's what you'll find in this website. Felinheli is a lively village situated on the shores of the Menai strait between Bangor and Caernarfon. This website is for the people of the village and for those who wish to learn more about us...more

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Downloadable Documents

  • Minutes of the Felinheli Community Council meeting held June 7 2016
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  • Minutes of the Felinheli Community Council meeting held May 10 2016
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  • Minutes of the Felinheli Community Council meeting held April 12 2016
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  • Minutes of the Felinheli Community Council meeting held March 8 2016
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  • Minutes of the Felinheli Community Council meeting held February 9 2016
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  • Minutes of the Felinheli Community Council meeting held January 12 2016
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  • Minutes of the Felinheli Community Council meeting held November 10 2015
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Councillor’s Report July and August 2016

1. Started officially on the 20.7.16.
2. Met with Sian Gwenllian AM to handover the responsibilities for the village.
3. Excellent training from Gwynedd Council on how the Council is run.
4. Briefing from the National Grid regarding the scheme to take electricity from Nant y Garth to Pentir. This is still under consultation.
5. Met with Leanne Wood on two occasions.
6. First meeting with the Council and Community Council regarding a plan on sea defence, together with collecting ideas to improve the land on Beach Road.
7. Started a 5k Race from Caernarfon to Plas Menai. Attended CPD Y Felinheli matches - both home and away.
8. Currently reading Council reports on planning and other matters.
9. Met with numerous residents regarding problems with parking, grass cutting etc. Some matters resolved, whilst others are ongoing.
10. Preparing for Council and other meetings starting in September.


By-election THIS Thursday 14.07.16

Dear fellow villager,

As you know, two names have been submitted for the by-election which takes place this Thursday for a new county councillor for the village. Therefore you will need to vote on Thursday.

I had the honour of being your representative since 2008 in the name of Plaid Cymru and recently resigned after being elected to the National Assembly.

Gareth Griffiths is Plaid Cymru’s candidate and would be an excellent councillor for the village. I've known Gareth for over 20 years and I know that he is the best person for the job. He is the vice-chair of our highly successful festival, Gwyl y Felin and has been involved in a number of community activities over the years.

I know that Gareth is very willing to listen and help the people of the village.

Polling stations will be open in the Church Hall and School between 7 am and 10 pm this Thursday, July 14.

Thanks for your support over the years. I hope to get the opportunity to work with Gareth as our new county councillor for the good of the village in the future.

Kind regards,

Sian Gwenllian


2015-2016 Accounts

The 2015/2016 accounts have returned from the Internal auditor and can know be available for the public. If you want to inspect them then an appointment must be made with the Financial Officer Wynne Barton. The accounts are available until the 1st of July 2016.


Councillor’s Report June 2016

llun felin

Following my election as Arfon Assembly Member, I have resigned as councillor for Y Felinheli on Gwynedd Council.

It was a huge privilege to represent Y Felinheli on Gwynedd Council for 8 years and I will continue to work on behalf of the village in my new role as Assembly Member.

Plaid Cymru has selected Gareth Griffith as our candidate and I know he would be an excellent councillor.

Gwynedd Council will issue a notice and then hold a by-election on the coming months if needed.

In the meantime, you can contact me at Sian.Gwenllian@Cynulliad.Cymru and I’ll try to help you.


Councillor’s Report May/June 2016

ELECTION: As you know, I was elected Arfon Assembly Member and I’ve started on my new work. I know there was tremendous support from Y Felinheli and a heartfelt thanks to everyone who voted. I intend to submit my resignation as County Councillor in the next few weeks. There will then be an opportunity for you to elect a new councillor. In the meantime, please contact me if you need help with any matter.

MENAI MARINA: A planning application has been submitted to expand the present offices near the Dock to create toilets, showers, more office space as well as the erection of 3 retail units and extending the present car park. You can find the application on the Council website C16/0507/20/LL and submit comments.

FLOOD PREVENTION SCHEME: Gwynedd Council has succeeded in obtaining a grant to carry out Menai Straits Flood Prevention work at the front in Felinheli. Any scheme will be discussed in detail with the community, the Community Council, Sailing Club and local residents.

FOUR NEW HOUSES: Gwynedd Council Planning Committee has approved a planning application for four houses (one affordable) on land behind the Lon Las near Ffordd Penybryn

WORK ON THE LON LAS: Cemlyn Engineering has completed flood-prevention work on the stream near the Lon Las behind the telephone exchange.

QUAY STEPS: The pillar post box is now in use again.

AFON HEULYN PUBLIC FOOTPATH: Unfortunately, the work of rebuilding the wall cannot start yet and so the path must remain closed.

CONGRATULATIONS: Y Felinheli Football Club are this year’s Gwynedd League Champions and so they get promotion to the Welsh League (Second Division) next season.


21.04.16 Siân Gwenllian asks for your vote in the Welsh Election on May 5

Dear fellow villager,

It would be an honour to represent Arfon in the National Assembly. I hope you have had a chance to read my election material and seen what my priorities would be. Felinheli would of course be included amongst my new responsibilities and would still be a very special place for me!

I believe I have the experience and skills to be an effective voice for our area.

After being elected councillor in 2008, I consulted with you about what my priorities should be and set a number of goals. I’m glad to say that I’ve been able to fulfil the vast majority of them:

  • More affordable homes for local people: 16 homes secured
  • New home for the surgery: secured planning permission for our excellent Medical Centre
  • More opportunities for socialising ( youth & older people) : secured grants for substantial upgrade of the Hall and for establishing a community hub at Felin Sgwrsio
  • Tackle dog fouling & litter: held various campaigns, new signs, new bins, litter picks
  • Improve footpaths: secured grants to upgrade Rowen path, Cerrig yr Afon & Lôn Las.
  • Create local jobs: worked with local businesses as they set-up or expanded & held networking meetings through the Felinheli Business Forum

I also led some successful campaigns including No Pylons (against the Grid’s plans for pylons across Y Fenai) and Babis Bangor (to retain a full Maternity Unit at Ysbyty Gwynedd.) I’ve contributed to local community initiatives such as Gwyl Y Felin and have served as a school governor for many years.

Some issues persist of course! Parking continues to be a problem despite the creation of a car park behind Bangor Street. Let’s hope the scheme at the back of the Church Hall can alleviate some of the problems. The condition of some of our road surfaces should be improved; other projects continue to be in the pipe-line such as the new section of the Coastal Footpath held up for various reasons; and we await the re-opening of the footpath near Afon Heulyn.

But I hope you will agree that I am a person who tries to fulfil promises and delivers results!
It would be a privilege to get your vote on May 5 – what better way to put Felin on the map than to elect me as our first villager ever to be a politician on the national stage!

Kind regards,

Siân Gwenllian


Memorial Hall Y Felinheli
If you want information about hiring the Hall, please contact the caretaker
Shirley Roberts (caretaker).
01248 671332

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Police Community Officer
Ian Rooksby PCSO 2906
Caernarfon Police Station
07768 555871 / 01286 683689


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