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Everything about Felinheli in one place. That's what you'll find in this website. Felinheli is a lively village situated on the shores of the Menai strait between Bangor and Caernarfon. This website is for the people of the village and for those who wish to learn more about us...more

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  • Minutes of the Felinheli Community Council meeting held November 10 2015
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  • Minutes of the Felinheli Community Council meeting held September 8 2014
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  • Minutes of the Felinheli Community Council meeting held July 14 2015
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  • Minutes of the Felinheli Community Council meeting held June 9 2015
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  • Minutes of the Felinheli Community Council meeting held May 12 2015
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  • Minutes of the Felinheli Community Council meeting held March 10 2015
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  • Minutes of the Felinheli Community Council meeting held February 10 2015
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02.02.16 North Wales Connection – ecology and engineering work update

We wanted to give you a quick update on our ecology and engineering work.

Thank you to everyone who gave feedback on our second stage of consultation. The comments we received are really important and we’re now working hard to look carefully at what people have told us.

The themes raised will be included in a feedback report which we’re aiming to publish by summer 2016. The feedback report will give you the opportunity to see what everyone said and how we’re taking this into account.

We know that communities, tourism, landscape and views are things that are really important to the local people. They are important to us too. Over the coming months we’ll be undertaking a range of further surveys and assessments to look at all of these factors in detail.

Our teams are already hard at work carrying out a range of surveys to look at wildlife. These will be undertaken mainly on foot. You may also see the teams taking photographs of the landscape and features such as hedgerows and ponds. The surveys form an important part of our work to help us to better understand the area, especially the ecology.

Our land agents Dalcour Maclaren will continue to work closely with landowners and occupiers in the area to arrange surveys on private land. We survey a wide area so just because we’re surveying a particular piece of land does not mean we’re planning on placing equipment on it or that we’ve chosen a route.

Our engineering team will also be out and about in the local area. They will be climbing pylons to look at the existing line in more detail.

You may also see activity at the Menai over the coming weeks. Our engineers will be drilling small boreholes to look at the type of ground in more detail. This work will be carefully planned so not to be noisy or intrusive. We still have a lot of work to do before we know where and how we’ll cross the Menai and this important work will help us make our decisions.

The results of all this work, alongside local feedback and other important factors, will influence the design of our proposed connection.

We will continue to keep our website up to date and you can still contact us by freephone and email.

Yours sincerely,
North Wales Connection
Community Relations Team


26.01.16 Y Felinheli By-pass – road works for 3 weeks

On behalf of The Welsh Government, Gwynedd Council will be re-surfacing the middle part of the Felinheli by-pass during February.

The work is due to commence on February 9th for three weeks and will be undertaken by Hogan (Construction) Ltd.

The work will be carried out between 20.00 p.m. and 06.00 a.m. – that is over night.

Local Y Felinheli Councillor, Cllr. Sian Gwenllian said:

“I know this is essential work and I’m very glad that it will NOT be undertaken during the day. As the work will happen overnight, the village of Felinheli will avoid the inevitable chaos that would occur had the by-pass been closed during peak hours.

“As there will be no need for drivers to come through Y Felinheli until after eight at night and no need for anyone to come through the village after six in the morning, I very much hope that there won’t be any major problems.

“However, I will be monitoring the situation closely and will discuss with officers if any problems arise. If you for-see that you will be affected by the work and need to discuss with the Council beforehand, please contact me or the Highways Dept. straight away.”

“To decrease any problems for the village, the Council has contacted local lorry companies asking them to avoid Y Felinheli and to use other roads during the period of the work.

“Traffic travelling towards Bangor will be able to use the by-pass and traffic towards Caernarfon will be diverted Y Felinheli overnight.”

More information:

Barry Naylor Williams
Peiriannydd Cynorthwyol / Assistant Engineer
Gwasanaeth Cynnal Priffyrdd a Bwrdeistrefol / Highways and Municipal Maintenance Service
Priffyrdd a Bwrdeistrefol / Highways and Municipal
Cyngor Gwynedd / Gwynedd Council
Stad Ddiwydiannol Cibyn / Cibyn Industrial Estate
Gwynedd. LL55 2BF
Ffon / Tel:- 01286 679760


18.01.16 Healthy Living talk by Osian Evans on Wednesday 20th January




20.01.16 2pm in Y Felin Sgwrsio

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WELSH learners in Y Felinheli are arranging a twmpath dawns( folk dance) to celebrate Santes Dwynwen, the patron saint of Welsh lovers, at the end of January.

The folk group Aderyn Prin will be playing on the night, held by CLWB Y DYSGWYR, which is to be held at the Memorial Hall on Saturday night, January 30.

"It's our Welsh learners who have thought up the idea, and we hope the night will appeal to people of all ages" said Aled G Job, who co-ordinates Welsh learning activities in Y Felinheli.

The entrance price will be £10.00 including food.

The night will start at 7.00 and a bar will also be available.


Memorial Hall Y Felinheli
If you want information about hiring the Hall, please contact the caretaker
Shirley Roberts (caretaker).
01248 671332

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Police Community Officer
Ian Rooksby PCSO 2906
Caernarfon Police Station
07768 555871 / 01286 683689


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