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Everything about Felinheli in one place. That's what you'll find in this website. Felinheli is a lively village situated on the shores of the Menai strait between Bangor and Caernarfon. This website is for the people of the village and for those who wish to learn more about us...more

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Downloadable Documents

  • Minutes of the Felinheli Community Council meeting held October 22 2014
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  • Minutes of the Felinheli Community Council meeting held October 14 2014
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  • Minutes of the Felinheli Community Council meeting held September 2014
  • Click here
  • Minutes of the Felinheli Community Council meeting held July 2014
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  • Minutes of the Felinheli Community Council meeting held June 2014
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Councillor Sian Gwenllian's Annual Report (2013/14) - Click here


Tackling dog fouling in Y Felinheli - click here


Builder Required

Y Felinheli Community Council invites local builders to tender for maintenance work on the ridge of the Memorial Hall. Slates are required to be placed back. For more information or to provide a price contact the ClerkHeather Jones, 3 Maes Padarn, Llanberis LL55 4TE;; phone 01286 872655; 07867 982518 by the 12th December 2014.


Financial assistance for Organisations of Y Felinheli

The Community Councilinvites applications for financial assistance fro local organistations within the village. For an application contact the Clerk Heather Jones, 3 Maes Padarn, Llanberis LL55 4TE;; ffon 01286 872655; 07867 982518. the application forms requires to be received by 31st December 2014.


Y Felinheli Dog Fouling Campaign

Next Tuesday, December 2nd
Starting from the School at 11 a.m. and walking around the village
Following the meeting held between Cllr Sian Gwenllian and Gwynedd Council officers, it was agreed to hold a day to raise awareness about dog fouling problems in the village.
Are you free to come along to help? A group of us will be going around the village with officers, talking to dog owners, giving them leaflets and free Poop Kits.

Click here to see the poster the school have made


“It is believed that the greatest need in the community is among elderly and disabled people”
Community Council publishes Report on Housing Needs 
Y Felinheli Community Council has received evidence of the housing needs of the residents within the village by means of a questionnaire distributed to every household.  It is believed that the greatest need in the community is among elderly and disabled people.  Any future applications for planning permission in Y Felinheli should be considered in light of these latest findings and the Local Development Plan should also be designed in order to meet the needs of the disabled residents and the increasing population of elderly residents in the village.

  • In July 2014, 1180 forms were distributed to each household within the village.
  • 128 forms were returned, 11% of the total.
  • Of those 29% needed a home in Felinheli
  • 11% were older residents needing a smaller house or a house without stairs
  • 8% needed a larger house for a growing family
  • 4% were living with parents but wanted to live independently.

There are several houses to be erected again in Y Felinheli as many of the approved planning applications are yet to be built. 
Unfortunately the Community Council is unsure that the proposed developments will reach the needs of the elderly and disabled due to the following factors:

  • There is no extra care/sheltered housing in the village and no plans to build this type of accommodation
  • There are not enough ground floor flats within the social housing or private sector
  • There are not enough bungalows at suitable locations within the village

The Chairman of the Council, Cllr Ken Brown wishes to thank all those who took part in the survey and Community councillors Nerys John  and Pat Ashley for their work.

For a copy of the full report on the questionnaire, click here


Am Ddrama


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Compulsory micro chipping by 2015

We would like to remind everyone that all dogs need to be micro chipped by 2015.

It is estimated 190,000 dogs in Wales will need to be micro chipped before the March 2015 deadline.

Some charities offer the procedure for free but it costs about £20-£30 at a private veterinary clinic. It involves inserting a sterile chip the size of a grain of rice between a dog's shoulder blades.

For those people who do have their dogs micro chipped please ensure all your contact details are up to date.

Below is a link to some free micro chipping events.


Councillor Sian Gwenllian’s report Nov  2014

Rhyd Y Fenai: I attended a meeting with some of the residents of Rhyd Y Fenai and an officer from Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd to discuss proposed improvements to the estate. more...


Y Felin Gylchu

Recently a cheque for £12,000 was transferred by Felin Gylchu to the builder who is renovating the historic church at Llanfairisgaer. Thanks to everyone who is supporting our recycling shop in the Church House.




Ffair Nadolig

Ffair Nadolig

Y Felin Gylchu + Friends of Ysgol Felin
Tues Nov 25 6.30
Church House Y Felinheli

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A reminder that Gwynedd Challenge will be holding events in the Bangor area Monday 20 October, with drop in sessions at Quaker’s House between 1.30 and 4.30 and an evening meeting at Bishop’s Hall between 6 and 8pm. For further information about Gwynedd Challenge go .

In the meetings we will be raising awareness and understanding of the financial and social challenges that lie ahead, gain understanding and awareness of the things that are important to people locally and start discussing the things that could be made locally to meet the challenge.


National Grid announces shortlist of AONBs and National Parks to reduce the visual impact of over... [full article]

Plans to reduce the visual impact of electricity infrastructure in nationally protected landscapes across England and Wales are gathering momentum, following a new study by National Grid.

Cllr Sian Gwenllian is the local councillor for Y Felinheli, a village that would be directly affected by the Grid’s proposal to send cables across the Menai Straits from Ynys Mon to mainland North West Wales. She is also a founding member of the lobby group No Pylons.

“Whilst this is excellent news for parts of Snowdonia, I find it astonishing that the Grid is at the same time considering putting NEW pylons across one of the most beautiful landscapes of the UK!

It makes no sense to be spending half a billion pounds on rectifying old mistakes including in Snowdonia whilst at the same time, making a huge mistake in an area right next door! Will the Grid also be spending huge amounts of money pulling down pylons in this area in future?

A large part of North West Wales including the whole of Anglesey, the Menai Straits and land bordering Snowdonia in the Bangor area is destined to become home to hundreds of pylons despite overwhelming opposition from the people living in these areas. Much of this area has unique landscape characteristics and conservation status, liked the areas now being rid of pylons by the Grid.

In the Grid’s own flawed consultation, 92% of respondents and every democratic representative voice on Anglesey and Gwynedd, on behalf of their electors, are objecting to pylons.
But the Grid seems intent on ignoring a very feasible alternative option and that is to put the cables undersea.

Following this news today, people in my area will be more frustrated than ever at the lack of consideration shown towards the views of the overwhelming majority of people.

As things stand, the National Grid is undermining our right to a fair hearing by ignoring the option that we all favour, i.e. the under-sea option.

We want to see the full costs of an under-sea connection and the hidden costs of pylons to the local economy and community.

We cherish our landscape. It is an important part of whom and what we are. It is also one of our most valuable economic assets.”


Support available to create and share digital Welsh language community news

Over the next six months Cardiff University's Centre for Community Journalism will be running a campaign to support anyone who wishes to create and share news and content through the medium of Welsh.

Bite sized tips and tools will be made available regularly focusing on the optimum use of the most popular social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter; digital tools and information that has been created specifically for use in Welsh; and more general information on how to set up and run websites and other community news services.

With the support of the Welsh Government, we will also be providing free training in several locations as well as a step-by-step guide and mentoring for those who wish to create or improve effective community news or information services.

We are really keen to ensure that as many people as possible hear about the tools and support on offer to create and share content in Welsh.

If you have connections within Welsh communities please share the following pages to help grow the Welsh language online.


Felinheli Christmas

Sunday 21 Dec at 5 pm - Felinheli Memorial Hall

Menai Bridge Town Band
Carol Singing
Christmas Market Stalls
Father Christmas
£2 including mince pie and mulled wine (children free)
A Welsh medium event organised by Gwyl Y Felin, sponsored by Hunaniaith with a warm welcome for Welsh learners.


History Project Brings Community Together

A community history project in Y Felinheli is attracting interest from many residents according to the local Plaid Cymru Councillor, Siân Gwenllian.

“People are really interested in this project that brings the whole community together to celebrate and explore the history of our village here in Y Felinheli,” said Councillor Gwenllian.

“We have secured funding for the project, which is being undertaken jointly between Y Felinheli Community Council and Felin Sgwrsio (a community enterprise), with the aim of creating a brochure and a map showing routes and interesting walks and historic sites in Y Felinheli.

"We are grateful to Cist Gwynedd (Gwynedd Council Community Fund) for a £4,000 grant to implement the work. Hardworking Community Councillor Nerys John worked on the successful application and brought the project to life. The collaboration on the project should be commended.”

Y Felinheli has a rich history and heritage. They include the Roman period and the Industrial Revolution when ships carrying slate from the busy port to locations worldwide. There will be some interesting features to share during these leisurely walks which will be depicted in the colourful leaflet and map.

“The creation of the leaflet / map is just as important as the finished product, and people thoroughly enjoy being part of the activities that take place from October until the beginning of the year new,” said Councillor Siân Gwenllian.

The Project Co-ordinator is Gareth Roberts, Menter Fachwen. Gareth will visit the village school and local exhibitions, walks, coffee mornings and other events are being organised.

If anyone has a contribution to make or ideas about what should be included in the brochure or for further information, contact Felin Sgwrsio on Wednesday (10-4) until Christmas. Or call the Co-ordinator, Gareth Roberts for a chat 01286 872014.

• Walk, Friday, October 24, Greenwood to Penscoins (starting at 10am from Greenwood)
• Coffee Morning, Wednesday, November 5, Felin Sgwrsio (10:30)

well-lit by streetlights and cross at well-lit places


Village raises over £800 for Macmillan

Y Felinheli councillor Sian Gwenllian teamed up with staff at the Felinheli Medical Centre for this year’s Macmillan Coffee Morning and raised over £800.

The Felinheli ‘World Biggest Coffee Morning’ was held at the Medical Centre and £843.43 was raised in total. The coffee morning raised £396.38 and donations for the Sian Ifor White In Memoriam which were handed to Councillor Gwenllian after the Coffee Morning raised another £447.05.

This is the fifth year that Sian has hosted the Macmillan Coffee Morning in Y Felinheli.

“The coffee morning was held at the Medical Centre and it was also an opportunity for people to get their flu jabs at the same time.

"This was successful and popular with Health Visitors promoting the new vaccine for the 2, 3 and 4 year olds and all staff encouraging the over 65’s and chronically sick to have immunisation. We plan to hold a similar event to raise money for Macmillan next year.

“Thanks to everyone involved especially to the family of the late Sian Ifor White for kindly adding their In Memoriam to the Felinheli collection" said Cllr Gwenllian.



Memorial Hall Y Felinheli
If you want information about hiring the Hall, please contact the caretaker
Shirley Roberts (caretaker).
01248 671332

NEW Booking Application for the Memorial Hall - click here


Police Community Officer
Ian Rooksby PCSO 2906
Caernarfon Police Station
07768 555871 / 01286 683689


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