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Rules and Regulations Concerning the Cemetery at Llanfiarisgaer

  1. Notice of burial must be given to the Clerk or Sub-committee two clear days ( not counting Sundays) before the funeral.
  2. Burial will not be allowed unless the appropriate certificate has been given to the Clerk or Sub-committee before the day of the funeral.
  3. Where a Medical Certificate is produced indicating immediate burial the Council may act in accordance with such instructions by exception to Rule 1 and 2.
  4. The double gates of the cemetery will be permanently locked, and permission must be sought for entry.
  5. Grave spaces will normally be 8’ x 4’ x 7’9” deep to allow not more than three internments. Where one or two internments only are required the depth may be less but at least 2’6” of soil must be measurable between the surfaces and top of the coffin.
  6. Damage to paths and land must not be caused by the bringing of implements, tools etc, into the cemetery. All such implements must be removed after burial. The use of lawn mowers or other machinery by families or visitors within the cemetery is forbidden.
  7. Any rubble, soil or stones remaining after work must be removed by those responsible for such work and such damage done must be repaired immediately by those responsible.
  8. Before permission is given for the placing of a headstone in the cemetery, the person responsible for the work must submit a diagram of the proposed stone to the Clerk or Sub-committee. Memorials greater than 3’ wide and 4’ high will not be allowed. Headstones should be placed on a secure base of stone, concrete or slate and secured with steel rods. Kerbings are not allowed around the graves. The appropriate fee must be paid when submitting the drawings.
  9. The plots for cremated remains are allocated at the front of the cemetery, and the headstone must NOT exceed 18” in height and 15” in width.
  10. Funeral directors will be responsible for the opening and closing of graves and be responsible for the employment and safety of each worker. Adjacent graves must be suitably protected when new graves are opened.
  11. Funeral directors will be responsible for all brickwork and coverings for the graves. Cement must be used for all brickwork. Loose bricks will not be allowed under any circumstances. Slabs must be either reinforced concrete or slate.
  12. Graves and headstones must be kept in good order by the owners. Should a grave be damaged by the collapse of a gravestone, the owner of the gravestone must take responsibility for the damage.
  13. Families are expected to keep graves tidy thus assisting the Council in keeping the cemetery in good order. Visitors are expected to behave in a suitable manner giving due consideration and disposing of any rubbish in the bins provided.
  14. The family will be responsible for the removal and reinstatement of a headstone before and after the second or third opening.
  15. The placing of permanent objects on the surface of the graves is not allowed. Neither is the planting of trees or flowers allowed as this impedes cutting of the grass.
  16. The Family will be responsible for making arrangements with clergy or ministers to officiate at funerals and for any payments.
  17. The Council will not be responsible for damage to headstones for any reason.
  18. The Council reserves the right to change any of these rules as may be appropriate from time to time.

The foregoing regulations were adopted at a meeting of the Council on 11.11.08 and 09.07.13 and are effective forthwith.

Burial Terms Fees

Effective from 1st May 2023

Plot and Burial
Residents - £300
Others - £550

Reopening of Grave
Residents - £150
Others- £250

Cremation Plot and Burial
Local Resident - £200
Others - £450

Re-opening of Cremation Plot
Local Resident - £100
Others - £200

Right to Erect a Headstone
Residents - £150
Others- £150

Research Fee


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