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Principles of Financial Assistance

Y Felinheli Community Council aims to operate a modest grant aid system each year.

The system aims to:
- Help the community’s voluntary groups to improve their effectiveness
- Help to ensure the provision of services needed by the residents via the voluntary sector
- Support organisations which meet the needs of people experiencing social and economic difficulties and
- Ensures that there is equality of access and opportunity for all residents to the services and funds it provides

The Community Council values the diversity and strengths of the local voluntary
sector and acknowledges its independent role in the community as:
- A source of valuable services
- A means of enabling people to work together
- A channel for campaigning and advocacy

The Community Council defines a voluntary group as a “not-for-profit” organisation, set up and run by a voluntary, management committee.

This document gives the Community Council’s general funding principles and details its expectations of all groups in receipt of grant aid.

Groups applying for grant aid should note:
Grants are restricted by law to applications made by groups only and on matters that benefit a majority of Community residents.
Grants are made to meet deficits on future running costs, to encourage new groups or new projects, or to help with the costs of some one-off expenditure. Grants will only be made to groups that need financial help. Accumulated reserves will be considered when grant levels are decided. Grants are normally made for one year’s expenditure at a time and should be spent within the year for the purpose for which they were given.
They should not be added, wholly or partly, to reserves unless part of a previously approved programme of funding for a particular project.
Grants will not be made to cover money already spent. Grants cannot be made to groups, which operate for private gain or are connected with any political party; grants may be made to religious organisations for social or welfare purposes, but not to cover the costs of worship or conversion. Organizations will be required to eturn grant-aid if they close, or if a project or services funded by the Council is not satisfactorily provided.

Voluntary groups grant-aided by the council are required to follow the following guidelines:
- Ensure efficient levels of administration, hold regular meetings, keep minutes and circulate information to group members
- Keep proper accounts. Grants may only be made to groups, which have submitted satisfactory accounts, unless the group is recently formed
- Report back as required to the Council on their activities
- Involve group members and users in policy-making and in the management of activities and services
- Be open to eligible users as defined by the group’s constitution
- Establish and monitor equal opportunities policies and practices
- Meet the legal responsibilities of an employer where appropriate; adopt, implement and monitor good employment practices and procedures
- Recruit and support volunteers where appropriate
- Acknowledge the Community Council’s support in annual reports

This policy was adopted by the Felinheli Community Council at its meeting of 10th March 2009 and will be reviewed bi-annually.
Review dated 13th November 2018

Please click the link below to access a copy of the 2023-2024 grant application form:

Application Form!



You must complete and return the form to the Clark by the 07.02.2024

Clerk to the Felinheli Community Council,
3 Maes Padarn,
LL55 4TE


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